Okay but I’m sorry. This bandom needs to cool it’s jets over Pop 101. We get it. Some people are disappointed with it, and I understand. Some people love it, and I understand. Each trencher has their own unique opinion about it and that is okay! LThis song is creating more argument than happiness…


Anonymous asked:

I think it was meant to be how it is, and to be taken lightheartedly as a joke. I see that some people might not like it but I think they're just poking fun and people don't have to worry the rest of the album. It's not their usual stuff but it's not intended to be, it's just fun.

softandsimplemelodys answered:

I completely agree!! my only issue was it was a bit pushy in areas BUT every pop video exploits young women so it fit with the theme? Im loving the actual song and the video had good parts for sure. anyone know who the director was?